1) Jungle Jim’s is unlike any grocery store you have ever been in. The store is more like an amusement park centered around a foodie’s dream. There are gift shops, boutiques, restaurants, convenience areas, tours, and even a cooking school! The original Jungle Jim’s location is in Fairfield, Ohio, about 30 minutes from campus. The store has gained even more fame through the exciting and highly anticipated grand opening of the second location in Eastgate, Ohio. Located outside the 275 loop on the far east side of the Cincinnati area, this new location is only 15 minutes away from me! As a foodie, I can attest to the strong sense of wonder and fun that comes along with a trip to Jungle Jim’s. It really is a place that you could spend all day in and never get bored.

2) The official website, as hyperlinked above, contains a large amount of information regarding the Eastgate location, including news, photos, employment opportunities, basic store information, event calendars, and much more. Jungle Jim’s uses the website as an online advertisement and  introduction to the new store. The information given is all positive and creates the feeling that the newest store is an excellent addition to the community with much to offer the area, including huge revenue and many job openings.

3) There is an obvious bias because Jungle Jim’s would have a huge reason to only display information that cast the store opening in a positive light. They would never want to openly talk about any problems or dissent that is present within the community in regards to the store. It is important to note, that while there is a huge bias, the company still attempts to have some transparency through providing links on the website for getting in contact with them.

4) The audience that is being targeted for this piece is any potential customer or even just a curious member of the Eastgate community. Since this website is all about Jungle Jim’s and is run by the company, they are not necessarily there to simply provide information. In fact, the website could be viewed as huge rhetoric tool in drawing people to the stores.

5) I have included this source, not only to provide a background for readers, but also because this website shows the importance that the second location and its opening holds to Jungle Jim’s as a whole. Right from the homepage, the Eastgate location takes center stage throughout the website. My research will deal with the various sentiments that are being felt throughout the Eastgate and Union Township area in regards to this new store. This will include the feelings felt about the way in which Jungle Jim’s obtained the building, the effect their presence will have on local businesses and, also, on the supposed “deals” that are said to be present between Jungle Jim’s and local government. With that being said, I believe that in order to see all that, one must research the company itself in order to better understand their business practices. Also, by exploring this website, a reader can see how much Jungle Jim’s actually has invested in the latest business venture. This is vital given that the larger an investment that a company makes, then the more extensive their community ties are.